About Zephyr Synthesis Pvt. Ltd.

The company was established by the team of chemists with similar dreams and with diverse expertise. This diverse expertise have been crucial in providing comprehensive solutions for the respective industry. The company came to be in the year of 2006. Our main motivation when establishing the company was to build an eco system in which our employees, clients and partners work in a harmony, have visible achievements and are awarded for their effort.

When deciding about the new company's name, we tried to find just one word expressing all of our thoughts – and we chose “zephyr” which means “cool breeze”. This word "Zephyr" have very well became the mantra of our company. We try to incorporate this in all our work and ingrate it in our attitude.

Today, after years of hard work and following our vision and mission, we are witnessing the realization of our objectives. We are proud to see how we benefit our clients by providing them the right solutions.

More about Ourselves...

Founded in 2006 by Mr. Niraj R. Sharma and Mrs. Shivani N. Sharma, our production commenced in last quarter of 2007, based in Khambhat better known as Cambay in state of Gujarat, which is about 500 km north of Mumbai. Zephyr Synthesis Private Limited designs,develops,manufactures and markets fine chemicals having primary use in various Pharmaceutical, Perfumery, Agrochemical, Electronic and varied Industries.

Zephyr Synthesis Pvt. Ltd. from begining strives to become a one stop specialized shop for all major chemical based Industries. Zephyr Synthesis Pvt. Ltd. specializes in specific Chiral Resolving Agents, Drug Intermediates, Electronic Chemicals etc. The company has in-house development capabilities to develop, produce and market technologies, products of international aptitude.